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Taylor Swift – Bad Blood Makeup Tutorial

Hello Beauty Addicts!! check out my latest makeup tutorial on taylor swift new music video bad blood

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Music video: My Miami

Hello Beauty Addicts!!
A couple of weeks back, I worked on a music video. I wasn’t able to talk about it until the release…. Well the time is finally here!!
I was the Key Makeup Artist for the music Video My Miami. Thanks to my friend Rory from Makeup ByRory She called me and asked me if I could do this makeup video for a friends of her and I said yes!
Her friend was Executive Producer: Ana Trevino. after a couple of phone call and text messages, I met with Ana and her team, and instantly I fell in love with the video idea. Ana is incredibly artistic and has great Ideas and I loved her style!
The day of the shoot, we had to meet up really early, we met at 5am in south beach to shoot the beach scene, and have breakfast of course! LOL! Breakfast was provided by Anas mom and it was delicious!!

 We had the main singer , 3 backup dancers, and 3 male models to makeup, needles to say we had a busy day! With different scenes to shoot, and tons of retouches and 3 different locations the 16 hours of shooting went by really fast!
Now about the artist Kezia Nell .  I fell in love with her style and voice when I met her! She is fun, and sweet, and has a passion for what she does! I know she will definitely make it!!

Here is the Link to the video:
You don’t want to miss this!

Kezia vs The Lizard- “My Miami” from Kezia Nell on Vimeo.

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures and the music video! Did you see me?? I come on at 2:30 min. and on! Check out all the links!
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Until the next project, have a beautiful day Beauty Addicts!!
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Boys need love too – makeup love that is! ;)

Hello Beauty Addicts!! Welcome Back!!

It’s not often that you get the opportunity to do makeup on a male. So when I got the call, I immediately jumped at the chance! It was so much fun!
I received a phone call from a photographer Clemente Jandaya. He needed a makeup artist for a photo shoot for a male. I immediately (without sounding desperate of course lol) said YES!

I said to myself, “makeup on a male? this is easy money, I’ll be in and out in no time”. Clearly, I didn’t get all the details. More on that in a second.
So I get to the photo shoot early. I always like to arrive early so I can set up before the client arrives. A hour passes by and the client is not there yet! ….and then men talk about women!
Finally, the client arrives (1 hour late) and to my surprise, it wasn’t 1 model — it was 3.
WOW! Ok no problem!
So we get to talking (the client and I) and I find out that he’s an artist who used to be in a group called Los Galactikos, a merengue group from the Dominican Republic. He was breaking out to do a solo album. Being of Dominican descent, I quickly fell in love with the single when I heard it!
The other two models I was working on that day were the Producer, Lenny 357 and the CEO of Royalty Musik, Luis.

This was, by far, the most fun I’ve had at a photo shoot in a long time.
The photographer was amazing! The artist Yobany (the one with the solo album) is super talented as are Lenny and Luis.
And as if that isn’t enough, I was told recently that I get to work with them again! I’m super excited that I get the opportunity to be the official makeup artist for their video!
Enjoy the pictures….and check out the single, soon-to-be a hit Besushi!
Until next time Beauty Addicts!!

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