New hair, who this?

I guess you can say I had my, new year, new me moment a little late in the game. But so busy with work I couldn’t get around to it until now.

I’m a person that loves everything beauty and that include my hair. As far as I can remember I’ve had my hair in many different colors, haircuts, and style.

Needless to say I’ve had a few bad experiences, therefore when I do my hair I make sure I use the best of the best, and I have three hair color brands I always trust:




I know that when I’m using these I can’t go wrong!


This time around I¬†wanted pink hair, it’s an easy transformation since the hair color I had before was grey and it had faded to blonde, making it the perfect shade for pink hair.

I wanted a beautiful light dusty pink so I went to the store and picked up the prettiest dusty pink from pravana called: enchanted pink… however I was a bit scared that it might be too light so I also picked up magenta.

The mixture:

I full tube of pink and a quarter of magenta.


The color was a little darker than what I originally wanted but it came out so beautiful and now I’m in love. Just look at the before and after and tell me you are not convinced that this color is amazing!

I like pravana because it gives you a great color payoff and it’s long lasting.

What have been some of your favorite hair dyes and what’s the craziest color you’ve done to your hair?

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