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Taylor Swift – Bad Blood Makeup Tutorial

Hello Beauty Addicts!! check out my latest makeup tutorial on taylor swift new music video bad blood

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Fun, Glitter, party, make up look!

I felt in a fun glittery spirit when I thought of a makeup look to celebrate the new year.
I went with a bit of a dramatic look, something that says i’m here to have fun! 
Here in this tutorial you can learn how to achieve this look, with glitter or without, and with red lips or nude lips!
I used Urban decay new Naked 2 palette  to create this look. It was given to me as a gift and i couldn’t be more grateful! I have not stop using it! You can create Natural to fantasy looks, I love it!
I hope you enjoy this tutorial and if you have any questions or suggestion please feel free to comment or email me!
Thank you Beauty Addicts! And Happy New Year!!
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so many events so little time!! What a rush!!

Hello Beauty Addicts!! Hope this November finds you in good standings and Happy moments!!

October was a crazy month for me! Activities with no end!
 I’m so glad it’s over, but then again I kinda miss the fast paced, crazy work life….
As many of you may know, I’m a make up instructor at a beauty school, so needless to say, when October rolls around, everyone wants a piece of me or at least an extra hour of my class, because everyone wants to know how to work with special fx and how to create great looks for their parties and outings, not to mention We participate in different events as a school and this year we had 3 hunted houses back to back.
 I Love it!

The month started with my students and I working on the movie set for the movie “The Shift” so I had my students audition to be makeup artist and then I trained them, and then we went on to shoot the 
movie for a couple of days.

 After that I started my FX classes, which were full every day, 3 times a day! 
so that’s crazy! 

Then I started training them to work in the hunted house. I have teams of 20 students and 3 hunted houses, which had several meeting and I had to get together a list of supply’s for each and for some I had to go find the supplies my self! Then came time for me to split my self in 3! LOL I managed and it was great!!
Then I couldn’t forget about my youtube family so I had to film some Halloween tutorial, and in the mist of it all I also did a contest! LOL!! I’m crazy!
 I won’t complain, I love every minute of this fast paced make up artist life! 
Now i’m back to the regularly schedule program! LOL.. Teaching and doing Jobs in the weekend, and Filming my tutorial and writing my blog and maintaining my Facebook page!…. Never a dull moment! Oh and don’t forget trying to squeeze personal life in there some where…
Just Kidding! I squeeze everything else in to fit into this! My son and my relationship with God are my Life! Everything else is a plus!
I wanted to leave you with some great Pictures of all the events I Worked on during the month of October and Of course  the great Halloween tutorial I created!!
Happy Zombie dreams until next time Beauty Addicts!!!
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Who Runs the World?! I Do! (at least, in the makeup world! *wink*)

I saw Beyonce’s Run The World (Girls) video. I LOVED all the outfits and makeup! I chose to do a tutorial on the makeup look Beyonce had while she was wearing the gold outfit!

LOVE IT! I want those shoes!! LOL!

Here is the video to my tutorial, Hope you enjoy it and if you do, please click LIKE!
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What I Used


I started with my NYX eyeshadow primer.

For highlight, I used Lancome‘s Positive.
I used Black Eyeliner from Inglot number 77
I used Lancome‘s Constellation.
After that, I applied lashes.
Then, I used Lancome‘s foundation…. Tint Idol Bisque 6.
I applied powder from a palette I got at a show.
I used a bronzing palette that I got from another show.
I applied my blush from the BH Cosmetics palette.
Finally, I used Sparkle eyeshadow on my lips and Lady Gaga‘s lip glass.
That’s all I can remember from the Items I used! I hope this was helpful!
Thanks for watching my videos and for visiting my page!

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