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Avon Mega Effects Mascara

I am a mascara freak. So when I heard the news that Avon had a mascara that was new and innovative and it is the first time that mascara had changed in 50 years, I had to try it.
 I must admit, I wasn’t convinced, but it’s shape had me intrigued. A square mascara, have you ever seen such a thing?!?! I immediately posted the information on Instagram and Facebook, I heard from one person that there was a mascara like this in Japan but I haven’t seen it so, the minute I had the chance, I ran to my Avon store and I bought the last one.
My favorite mascara are “definicils” from Lancome and “they’re real” from Benefit just to give you an example of the standards of mascara I’m used to and, I can say that this one is almost just as good not only that so much easier to use!
I love it because of its shape and the fact that it’s easy to apply, and it gives you great length and volume. It has a great quality and  it gives you great looking lashes, and it’s just $10. What a steal! So my suggestion to you is, before you spend a lot of money on these expensive mascara, try this one you won’t regret it… It’s great!