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L’Oreal Destination Beauty contest

Hello Beauty Addicts!!!

Today I entered L’Oreal Destination beauty, search for the next beauty guru.
As you may know, I really enjoy making youtube beauty videos, and I would love to be a Beauty Guru… 
Well L’Oreal is giving one lucky person that chance!
The Rules are that you have to make a beauty video that’s 4 minutes long on a red carpet inspired look.
I decided to do a deep crease look with dark in the corners, that look helps your eyes look longer and open and not to mention super sexy!! 
Here is the video I made! Hope you all love it!

Need a make-up artist? Contact Shaquira at or 786.879.2346

Who Runs the World?! I Do! (at least, in the makeup world! *wink*)

I saw Beyonce’s Run The World (Girls) video. I LOVED all the outfits and makeup! I chose to do a tutorial on the makeup look Beyonce had while she was wearing the gold outfit!

LOVE IT! I want those shoes!! LOL!

Here is the video to my tutorial, Hope you enjoy it and if you do, please click LIKE!
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What I Used


I started with my NYX eyeshadow primer.

For highlight, I used Lancome‘s Positive.
I used Black Eyeliner from Inglot number 77
I used Lancome‘s Constellation.
After that, I applied lashes.
Then, I used Lancome‘s foundation…. Tint Idol Bisque 6.
I applied powder from a palette I got at a show.
I used a bronzing palette that I got from another show.
I applied my blush from the BH Cosmetics palette.
Finally, I used Sparkle eyeshadow on my lips and Lady Gaga‘s lip glass.
That’s all I can remember from the Items I used! I hope this was helpful!
Thanks for watching my videos and for visiting my page!

So what do you think????

Sultry Bedroom Eyes

You want to look sexy? Try this look!
I wanted to do a tutorial and one of my best friends said…. “ill be your model” and so this tutorial was made. But were having so much fun. It became a little long, so its in two parts! Enjoy! Its a very Sexy look, and the videos are really funny!
Part One: Sexy Eyes
Part Two: Perfect sexy skin
Watch part one and part two on youtube.
Here is some of the pictures we took that night!