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L’Oreal Destination Beauty contest

Hello Beauty Addicts!!!

Today I entered L’Oreal Destination beauty, search for the next beauty guru.
As you may know, I really enjoy making youtube beauty videos, and I would love to be a Beauty Guru… 
Well L’Oreal is giving one lucky person that chance!
The Rules are that you have to make a beauty video that’s 4 minutes long on a red carpet inspired look.
I decided to do a deep crease look with dark in the corners, that look helps your eyes look longer and open and not to mention super sexy!! 
Here is the video I made! Hope you all love it!

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Fun, Glitter, party, make up look!

I felt in a fun glittery spirit when I thought of a makeup look to celebrate the new year.
I went with a bit of a dramatic look, something that says i’m here to have fun! 
Here in this tutorial you can learn how to achieve this look, with glitter or without, and with red lips or nude lips!
I used Urban decay new Naked 2 palette  to create this look. It was given to me as a gift and i couldn’t be more grateful! I have not stop using it! You can create Natural to fantasy looks, I love it!
I hope you enjoy this tutorial and if you have any questions or suggestion please feel free to comment or email me!
Thank you Beauty Addicts! And Happy New Year!!
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Kim Kardashian Wedding Makeup

Everyone wanted to see the wedding of the year…. Kim Kardashian! What is she wearing? How’s her hair? What will her makeup look like??

Well… I loved it all! She looked amazing!

I’ve already heard a couple of critics say that she didn’t look like herself because her makeup was too soft.

Personally, I think she made a great choice. Kim Kardashian is always so made up that it’s nice to see that for her wedding, she didn’t do the “extremely tanned, bronzer’d, smokey eye” that she usually does.

Instead she went with a soft cut crease look, soft contouring and blush and a very neutral lip. A perfect look for a wedding!

If you want to hear from the makeup artist who actually did her makeup up, here is an interview that he did for People magazine : Mario Dedivanovic

In my tutorial, I show you how to achieve this look and the tricks on how to contour with just foundation.

Enjoy my tutorial. If you have any questions or want a few more tips on a wedding makeup look for you, contact me! I’m always happy to help.
Until next time Beauty Addicts…have a beautiful day!
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