The Wedding – A Full Make-up Affair by Shaquira Bonilla

Finally, the BIG day was here! Hooray!!!
I’m so happy she’s happy…. and beautiful and married and DONE! Haha! It takes so much to make a wedding happen. Luckily, I was only part of the make-up portion and not everything else. She did an amazing job planning her wedding and everyone else who helped did as well.
The wedding took place in beautiful Marco Island, Florida. We got there on Friday at 4:00 PM for the rehearsal dinner. After rehearsal, I had to do her makeup for the rehearsal and I only had 15 minutes! I was very pleased with the finished product.

Since I had 10 minutes to spare after doing the bride’s make-up, I took advantage and did up our other beautiful sister Liz. Again, very pleased with the result in 25 minutes of time!
Then after the rehearsal dinner, most of her guests/friends got together for a pool party. We had a blast. Here’s the “girl pic”!

And now….the event we’ve all been waiting for…..The Wedding Day! 
It was a beautiful day in Marco Island, Florida. Sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky and us you ask??? In a hotel room, doing makeup and hair of course!
Get this….I did make-up on 8 women in just 5 hours! 8 girls, 5 hours! Can you believe it?
By the same token, my sister Sharmil and Liz did 8 hair styles in 5 hours. Hands down, we are awesome! LOL! 
Here is what my station looked like:
This was my first model:
She looked amazing!
Here is model number 2:
Her blue eyes just scream at you!
Here is model number 3:
Simply beautiful!
Amazing model number 4, my beautiful older sister:
She always looks beyond amazing!
Beautiful model number 5, my younger sister:
Looking sexy sis!
Model number 6 and 7 – mother of the bride and groom
 (sorry I don’t have an close-up shot of them, it was a busy day!)
They look soo happy, radiant and proud!
And now the star of the show…..The Bride!!!
My sister looked absolutely vibrant, beautiful, and sexy!
I was happy with her look but more importantly, I was happy,  she was happy and that’s all the matters!
Here are some more photos from that gorgeous day/wedding:

The happy couple!

When a make-up artist works on location, her job is never done.
The following morning after the wedding, the bride had a photo shoot for her Trash the Dress session. We decided to do a very clean soft, sexy, beachy look for the make-up. What do you think? I love it!

This is the most beautiful bride – on the inside and out!
Hope you enjoyed this wonderful trip down the amazing world of wedding makeup. An amazing jorney it is!
A little stressful but always rewarding. Thank you all for reading!
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Shaquira Bonilla

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