Music Video Shoot: Bobby Cruz and Iglesia Casa de Alabanza

I get projects sent my way often. When I got this call however, I was soo excited!
I received an email asking me if I would be willing to do the makeup for a video shoot. Not just any video shoot, a video shoot for the new Eres Santo CD from Iglesia Casa De Alabanza featuring Bobby Cruz.

The question to me seemed silly because in reality, how could I not!

I’ve been a member Of Iglesia Casa de Alabanza since I was 15. Not only do I love my church, but I love my pastors too! Bobby Cruz is the apostle! With all the blessings, I’ve received from just being a member of the church, how could I ever say no!
I made sure they had the BEST makeup ever for this video so I assembled a team and went to Homestead Florida to do our thing!

I’m very GRATEFUL that my beautiful friends were willing to come and help. They did an amazing job!
An hour and a half later, my two friends and I did the main cast which was about 8 people (I think!). They then asked us to do the extras (the church crowd in the video). Just a touch up, which we called drive-thru makeup! LOL

There was a huge line of women…we added powder, blush, lipstick and yelled “NEXT” until we were done! It was so much fun!

This was an experience that not only was I, very happy to be a part of, but will remember forever!
A special thanks to Cindy Cruz Ortiz for thinking of me for this awesome opportunity!
Need a make-up artist? Contact Shaquira at or 786.879.2346

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