Magazine Photo Shoot: My First Project for 2011!

I had the immense pleasure of doing a photo shoot for a fabulous magazine.

I was offered this project by my current boss….and that alone its huge! He thought I would be great for the task and the fact that he had that confidence in me was a great feeling. Considering he himself is a great makeup artist, you know very well there was a lot of  pressure on me being perfect! lol! 

When I finally arrived at the magazine company, I was very nervous. Once I met the marketing director who was so welcoming, it made things very smooth. I then met the photographer and his assistant who were so much fun. The publisher and editor has to be the most animated person I’ve ever met, of course aside from me! lol!

We all rode in one car to the photo shoot location. This was a great way of getting to know everyone better. We arrived at Fisher Island, which is just minutes from South Beach. The day was so beautiful and it was so exciting to see a part of Florida I had never seen. When we arrived, it was obvious we weren’t in Kansas anymore. lol!

Fisher Island is sooooo beautiful. It was soo amazing to get a chance to visit. We went to Beach Club. Wow, what an amazing view, what great treatment, what a great experience!

We met up with the model. The magazine was doing a piece on her, her name is Genilde E. Guerra, a beautiful, successful, and such an amazing person!

Doing makeup on her was so easy because she is already beautiful! She was happy with the way her makeup turned out. Actually everyone was. Everyone was extremely surprised at how fast and how perfect and beautiful she looked.

At the end of this experience, I made new friends and several new contacts. Genilde, after the shoot, took us to dinner. While at dinner, she walked me around the Beach Club and introduced me to all her friends which included the photographer, the magazine staff and Genilde’s photographer friend who loved the work I did.

It was an amazing day and an amazing experience. I’m grateful to God for being so good to me!

Enjoy the pictures!

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