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Vivant Skin Care

OK, so you may know me as a makeup freak! But My makeup would never look as good as it does if I didn’t take care of my skin!
Ladies, most women wait until it’s too late to start taking care of their skin and then they invest in Botox and other things like it! Don’t follow this trend! If you start young, you have a great chance of having great looking skin when you are older!
I’m an Esthetician, I enrolled in school because “I liked to pop pimples” (gross I know! LOL) But when I started really learning I was hooked! and I love to help friends, family and , clients with their skin care issues!
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With that said… When I heard that Vivant Skincare was looking for people to try their products, I was like “MEEEEEE!!!!” Unfortunately I wasn’t chosen! but later they emailed me and asked me if I would try their cleanser and I said “YES!!!” 
I’m glad I did! Their Green Tea Antioxidant Cleanser is amazing! Wow what a feeling, It leaves my skin feeling refreshed, energize and so clean! I love that you only need a very small amount of product, it lathers just right and it gets the job done! 
I only wish they would have sent me other products to try! (I’m a serum junkie!)
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I’ve been using it for a few days and I can already see my skin brighter and feeling softer! I think I’m officially hooked on this product!
A few facts about this cleanser : Is a universal cleanser with antioxidants, green tea, grape seed and kiwi extracts… yum!! (for my skin of course!)  and it helps to preserve the skins natural acid mantel! It’s great for all skin types! 
You  really couldn’t ask for a better product for the great price! 
They sent me the 2oz bottle which retails for $11.00
Their 8oz bottle is just $29.50 
and Their 16oz (wow) just $53.50
Check them out, you wont regret you did! And That’s my honest opinion!
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