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Rainbow eye makeup using Crown Brush

I created this rainbow makeup look using my 35 color smoke it out too palette from Crownbrush.
To begin I moisturized and applied their two new amazing primes HD Effects Primer and Hd Effect Under Eye Primer (by the way.. I’m in love with this product) , then I corrected my imperfections with the crown brush concealers, next I primed my eyes with the Chubby Eye Pencil in the color Blizzard.

For the cheeks I contoured and Highlighted with their Blush Bronze Illuminate palette.
For the lips I went for an ombre look I using the  Chubby Lip Pencil in Moraccan Bazaar and Nude Beach.

The eyes need it to be framed so I used the new eyeliner from crown called  Ultra Skinny Eye Marker (super easy and fun to use)
Last but not least of course my beautiful crown brushes as pictured.
I fell in love with crown loooooooong time ago because of their brushes, now they are much more than that and I still love it very much!
Go check them out:
I loved this look and I hope you did too! Let me know if you would like for me to create a youtube tutorial of this look!
See you on the next post!

Taylor Swift – Bad Blood Makeup Tutorial

Hello Beauty Addicts!! check out my latest makeup tutorial on taylor swift new music video bad blood

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Spring Time Make up

Happy Spring Time Beauty Addicts!!
Spring time is here, and I love this time of year because of all the beautiful colors!
In spring you always here about the latest trend in fashion and bold color dresses and shoes…. but what about the make up?? 
Well the same rules apply! This spring go wild with color! A lot of women are afraid of color, don’t be! I’m not talking about massive amounts of color Just a pop here and there! Here are some pictures of the latest make up trends for spring!
I decided to create a great spring look as well! I was inspired by the latest ad by Maybelline for they new Color Tattoo eye shadows. Here is the ad and then My take on it!
And of course beauty addicts I had to make a video! Hope you enjoy! and if you duplicate it please post a picture here on on my Facebook! I would love to see your interpretation!
Happy Spring Beauty Addicts!
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