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Make-up for Every Occasion!

There are so many reasons and events for someone to contact a makeup artist. Hardly ever do you get a repeat customer…unless of course you work at a department store. When I worked in Macy’s, I had a lot of returned customers but you rarely got called by the same person again.

I, however, am truly blessed to be the favorite makeup artist of Sheril Bonilla, and not because I’m her sister but because she genuinely loves the way I do makeup! It means so much to me that she requested that do the makeup for her ten bridesmaids in her bridal party! (oh boy!)

I have been blessed to be able to do the makeup for Sheril’s Baby Shower.

Wasn’t she glowing? She looked amazing!

I also had the pleasure of being able to do the makeup for her engagement pictures! Those were great! I even got to do some corrective makeup on the groom! So that was a bonus!

Doesn’t she look amazing?!

I love this pic of her!

Isn’t he dreamy!! (my sis can pick ’em)

My precious niece!


So romantic!
And if that wasn’t enough, I also got to do her makeup for her bachelorette party! That was an awesome and fun makeup! Obviously I have an amazing model.
Now I’m excited to do her makeup for the wedding! Every girl dreams of her wedding day and the fact that I have the opportunity to help make that day special is an amazing feeling! Not only because this customer is my sister but she also deserves to be pampered and look even more amazing than what she already does!
I cant wait! 
So make sure you stay tuned, because coming soon are…..the wedding pictures!!
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