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Holy sunblock, L’Oreal!

Hello beauty addicts! I had the pleasure to be invited by L’Oreal to try one of their newest products.
These will be out in Florida in December first and later everywhere else, so us sun people here in Florida get to try it first. Woohoo!
If you know anything about skincare you know that the sun is the number one enemy to our skin and youth! If not protected correctly the damages could be horrific!
L’Oreal came out with a sun care line (which I love BTW) called Sublime Sun.
I love this!
They were smart enough to come up with a Face, a body, and also a spray in diferent sizes! Now as a mommy and a woman that does not like to feel gunk on her body, the spray it’s Fabulous!! It’s goes on smooth and silky and it dries fast and it’s water proof! (the bottle actually says Ultra water resistant) LOVE! The body and face lotion are great as well and the best part is that they come in 30 spf and 50 spf and they block UVB rays which are the ones that burn your skin and UVA which are higher wavelengths rays and both can cause skin cancer!
They get a thumbs up from me! I’m really enjoying this product!
They also Had Youth Code. OMG! My fave new product!
This product is also only available in Florida for now, but let me tell you it’s great!! I had heard it being advertise and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! In short its a new technology that works with your Genes to make your skin look brighter and younger! WOW!! I’ve been using it since i got it and I’m in love! I especially love the eye cream it comes with a silver applicator that I love! It feels cold on the skin and it makes the eyes areas look brighter and less tired! Their day lotion it’s fabulous to wear under makeup and it’s not heavy at all! They also have a night cream and a great serum!
Im a skin care junkie so i like to use all these steps! If you don’t personally like all these steps I at least recommend to always use an eye cream (to avoid those crow feet!) and a day cream with SPF and you can find it in this line and you can hardly feel you have it on!
I like to thank L’Oreal for inviting me to learn check out all these great products! They also gave me a great Cover it up By Emilio Sosa runner up of season 7 of project runway which I love it’s grey and yellow and it fits great! YAY! Also to Dr. Flor A. Mayoral for hosting this event, what a beautiful office and staff she has!
I don’t have anything bad to say about these products, I’m usually a Lancome user and their prices can be a little high, so to find sun and skin care this good and affordable it’s great in my book!
Until next time beauty addicts, don’t forget to protect your skin and moisturize! they will help your skin look beautiful!