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Zombie Makeup

Everyone love zombie makeup now…. right?? I do!
There’s so many different way to make a zombie, and this is one more.. but I’ll give you insight in products and how to use them. At the end, I’d love to get your feedback!
To begin, I like to prep my model with contact lens, they always give any zombie look the perfect touch!

Next is all the “scars, bite marks, deteriorating” To create the angry eyebrows I used a foam latex prosthetic that I bought at The Silly Farm . I used Prosaid which is used to glue prosthetic to skin, then I went on to create the scars and deteriorating skin with 3rd degree… a 2 part silicone product that you mold and have ten minutes to play with.  On the neck, that’s where she was bitten to become a “zombie” I used oatmeal and latex, I mixed them together to create this look! On the legs I applied latex waited for it to dry and started making holes.

Then I took the most pale color from dinair and airbrushed her whole body…. to give it that dead look you know! LOL!

Next I took my Mehron Bruise wheel and added dead bruised coloring around every wound and cut! I also used black cream to give the illusion of depth.

Next I used my new favorite Mehron tooth fx and used the red and black to give a decaying FX to the teeth!

Isn’t she lovely?!?!?!?!

I like doing my blood splatter outside… and with good reasons.. “my boss hate when the whole school looks like a massacre happened lol” I use Mehron Stage Blood to drip in the areas that i wanted, then watered it down and used it for splatter everywhere else!
and Viola!

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BREAKING NEWS: Ken Gets Caught Cheating!

As you may already know, I’m a makeup instructor for a beauty school. I absolutely love what I do! So my students and I were looking at a makeup website called Makeupbee. We came across a look that we fell in love with called When Ken Dumped Barbie by an amazing artist by the name of Rose Shock. Check her work out, it’s amazing!

We loved it so much….we decided to put out own spin on it!

We call it When Ken Gets Caught Cheating! Pretty self explanatory, don’t you think?

My students did an amazing job! I love these girls…I told them what to do and how to do it and they got it!

Tell me they don’t look amazing…even a little psycho!

And what do we think about Ken? Well, I took care of him. Boy did I have fun! Being that it was Barbie cutting his heart out….I made sure the cut was heart-shaped. Look out boys!

At the end of the day, we walked around the school showing everyone this brilliantly inspired idea and it was a hit!

Man I love being a makeup artist!

Here are some more pictures for all of you to enjoy. My students did so great!



What fun it is to express yourself with art!
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