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Amazing before and after, thank God For L’Oreal

OK so about 4 weeks ago L’Oreal asked me to try some new products and in those was Youth Code, the day, night, eye and serum… 
Well I’m a skin care hog and I had to use it all, even tho I already have my regular regiment  I decided to stop it (been using it for 3 years) and I started using L’Oreal Youth Code and I was very happy with texture and feel of the product, not heavy not greasy, but a nice moisture feeling, I was happy.

                                         Before                                                                   After
I hardly take pictures of me without make up but on this day I wanted to do a before and after and when I saw the picture I was shocked to see how nice my skin looked! Now the picture on top you can see that Before my skin was dull and I had sooo many spots and uneven skin tone on the after picture my skin is bright and full of life and with less spots. I’m soo happy with the results! 
Then I thought to my self what about my lines??? well I looked at pictures and looked for my smile lines and again I was pleasantly surprised.
                                        Before                                                                     After
As you can see on my before my lines are deeper and I have many more than on my after.
Over all I’m extremely surprise that it worked so fast, and to be honest I’m not using it like I should, I use it every other night or day when I remember so I believe this is a great product!
I have to say that I was using a high end product before and Youth Code has showed me better results and the price cannot be beat!
For the Day/ Night Cream is 24.99 for 1.6oz
The Day Lotion is  24.99 for 1.7oz
The Serum is 24.99 1.0oz
The Eye cream is 24.00 for 0.5oz
The  Prices are great and the results are amazing as you can see! I give this product an A+++ .
Thank you for visiting Beauty addicts!!
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so many events so little time!! What a rush!!

Hello Beauty Addicts!! Hope this November finds you in good standings and Happy moments!!

October was a crazy month for me! Activities with no end!
 I’m so glad it’s over, but then again I kinda miss the fast paced, crazy work life….
As many of you may know, I’m a make up instructor at a beauty school, so needless to say, when October rolls around, everyone wants a piece of me or at least an extra hour of my class, because everyone wants to know how to work with special fx and how to create great looks for their parties and outings, not to mention We participate in different events as a school and this year we had 3 hunted houses back to back.
 I Love it!

The month started with my students and I working on the movie set for the movie “The Shift” so I had my students audition to be makeup artist and then I trained them, and then we went on to shoot the 
movie for a couple of days.

 After that I started my FX classes, which were full every day, 3 times a day! 
so that’s crazy! 

Then I started training them to work in the hunted house. I have teams of 20 students and 3 hunted houses, which had several meeting and I had to get together a list of supply’s for each and for some I had to go find the supplies my self! Then came time for me to split my self in 3! LOL I managed and it was great!!
Then I couldn’t forget about my youtube family so I had to film some Halloween tutorial, and in the mist of it all I also did a contest! LOL!! I’m crazy!
 I won’t complain, I love every minute of this fast paced make up artist life! 
Now i’m back to the regularly schedule program! LOL.. Teaching and doing Jobs in the weekend, and Filming my tutorial and writing my blog and maintaining my Facebook page!…. Never a dull moment! Oh and don’t forget trying to squeeze personal life in there some where…
Just Kidding! I squeeze everything else in to fit into this! My son and my relationship with God are my Life! Everything else is a plus!
I wanted to leave you with some great Pictures of all the events I Worked on during the month of October and Of course  the great Halloween tutorial I created!!
Happy Zombie dreams until next time Beauty Addicts!!!
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BREAKING NEWS: Ken Gets Caught Cheating!

As you may already know, I’m a makeup instructor for a beauty school. I absolutely love what I do! So my students and I were looking at a makeup website called Makeupbee. We came across a look that we fell in love with called When Ken Dumped Barbie by an amazing artist by the name of Rose Shock. Check her work out, it’s amazing!

We loved it so much….we decided to put out own spin on it!

We call it When Ken Gets Caught Cheating! Pretty self explanatory, don’t you think?

My students did an amazing job! I love these girls…I told them what to do and how to do it and they got it!

Tell me they don’t look amazing…even a little psycho!

And what do we think about Ken? Well, I took care of him. Boy did I have fun! Being that it was Barbie cutting his heart out….I made sure the cut was heart-shaped. Look out boys!

At the end of the day, we walked around the school showing everyone this brilliantly inspired idea and it was a hit!

Man I love being a makeup artist!

Here are some more pictures for all of you to enjoy. My students did so great!



What fun it is to express yourself with art!
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Musings of a Makeup Artist (and a Wedding too!)

I had the privilege of being the makeup artist for Sharmil Bonilla’s wedding.
She also happens to be my older sister! 😉
I love my big sis and I love the fact that she wanted me to be in charge of her wedding day look. I was so nervous. Not to mention, she was not the only one needing makeup done that day.

Now I’ve been in the makeup world for over 10 years, but I still to this day get that funny feeling in my stomach. You know that feeling of fear that the client may not like it! Trust me, my big sis is a perfectionist!
I got there super early (well on time, everyone else was late! hahah!) I decided to glam myself up while I waited. When she finally got there, it was like a storm!
“Where’s my shoes? There!

Where’s the other sister? Over there!

Is there food?

Has anyone seen my earrings?

How do I get into this dress?
But…. at the end of all the madness, my sister walked down the aisle looking beautiful as always.
I ended up doing makeup for six (yes, SIX) people that night.
As a makeup artist, you love the rush of having a customer sit in your chair and getting the job done fast and having the person leave loving their look. So needless to say, I loved doing makeup for my sister’s wedding. Enjoy these pics!

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