Shaq’s Silisponge

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Say goodbye to the old ways of applying foundation and say hello to blending and hygiene!
ο Are you tired of wasting your foundation?
ο Are you done with the feeling of caked up liquid/cream foundation?
ο Is bacteria being collected in your sponge dampening your mood?

Well, I have a product for you – Shaq’s Silisponge!

Why buy Shaq’s Silisponge?
ο Eliminate makeup waste.
ο The average beauty blender uses up to 60% more product to achieve the same flawless look that you can get from using Shaq’s Silisponge.
ο No need to worry about wasting expensive liquid foundation because Shaq’s Silisponge doesn’t absorb your product.
ο It’s a non-porous design which is wrapped in a layer of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). The TPU layer has been specifically engineered to resist the absorption of any liquid or cream based makeup products.
ο Get flawless application every time.
ο The hypoallergenic TPU and silicone “sponge” will not retain any bacteria unlike a traditional makeup sponge upon cleaning.
ο The soft outer covering will not cause abrasion, irritation, or harm to any skin type.
ο Easy cleaning: Just simply wash with soap and water!

ο Keep away from children.
ο Replace if outer layer tears.

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5 reviews for Shaq’s Silisponge

  1. Jenny Pino

    I love it! it helps my makeup glide on and look smooth! Thank you Shaquira!

  2. Paulette Hernandez

    Super crazy about it! Love the flawless finishing look, totally recommending it to my fellow make up girlies! Thanks Shaq!!

  3. Monique

    Amazing. Love that you can keep it clean and how it saves in foundation! A little goes along way!

  4. Mariel Adames

    Amazing with this new and easy way to apply makeup, even is perfect to apply the foundation is excellent to make a perfect wing liner, to define the lip eye brow… Just amazing!

  5. Maria

    It’s amazing! It’s crazy how much foundation you save with this product. A little definitely goes a long way!

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