Grammys: Who won for best make up…..

The Grammys
While some people watch for the amazing performances and gorgeous dresses, I watch to see who wore the best make up, or what make up artist worked on who! 
That is why I’ve decided to give out the Beauty By Shaq Award for Best Makeup!
(long Tittle)
Here are the nominees:
Always classic, always romantic…. But I feel like she always looks the same!
Always gorgeous, Beautiful skin, loved the eyes, but felt that she was a little to safe.

She went for a monochromatic look, that’s a lot of orange and it feels like she’s missing eye liner.
Katie Perry
Loved the lipstick choice for her and the thick eye liner.

I have to say this is gorgeous! Loved everything about it!
Kelly Rowland

I think this make up is perfect for her outfit and her skin tone!
 Jennifer Hudson

Again, Perfect make up she looks amazing!
Kelly Osbourne

I like her eye make up, but i feel that she could have used a little bit of contouring and her lip color would have been a little warmer
Lady Gaga

Love the make up, but safe!
Alicia Keys

I don’t know what happened to Ms. Keys but she need eye liner, more lipstick, mascara, her eyebrows  and more! What happened??
Nicki Minaj

Again what happened to the lashes? and the concealer lines under the eyebrows? and the completely different foundation under the eyes? is like nothing was blended!
Jessie J

Finally!! Some color!! Thank you!!! love the soft smokey purple eye! Perfect lips and face!!
There were a lot more lovely ladies but these are the ones that stood out for me!
And now for the moment you’ve been waitting for….. My choice for best Make up:
Drum roll please……..
Carrie Underwood
To me, Her make up just screams “Red Carpet ready”
From the colors of her eye shadows to the perfect lashed and the perfect lipstick and that very important Blush!
The Make up it’s beautiful! Totally red carpet worthy! But She always has the same look! It is great but, lets change it up!
Thank you Beauty Addicts for playing with me!! 
Would you like to see a tutorial done in one of these looks?? 
Just leave a comment at the bottom.
Sweet Red carpet dreams beauty addicts!
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