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Classic Eye with a Twist!

I’m not your typical makeup artist. I like to play with color and twist looks and combine things and come up with new ones.
That said, I’m not going to do your normal Classic Eye (an eye makeup that starts from the tear duct with light colors, fading into dark colors towards the end)….noooo I’m going to put a twist on it!
I’m going to do a BACKWARDS classic (an eye makeup that starts from the tear duct with dark colors and fades into lighter colors towards the end).
This look is a great way to do something different without going too dramatic.
Also, this is ideal for people that have their eyes far apart. By applying the darker color at the start of the eye, it gives the illusion that the eyes are closer together.

You can create this look with any color(s) you desire. From the ever safe brown family to the fun & sexy turquoise, just let your imagination run wild and see what comes up!

This palette is amazing! The colors are super pigmented and their staying power is awesome!
Needless to say, I had so much fun creating this look. What do you think????

Well, beauty addicts…thank you again for checking out my blog!
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Lots of fun makeup looks and product reviews.
Here is the tutorial for the look!

Have a beautiful day!

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Boys need love too – makeup love that is! ;)

Hello Beauty Addicts!! Welcome Back!!

It’s not often that you get the opportunity to do makeup on a male. So when I got the call, I immediately jumped at the chance! It was so much fun!
I received a phone call from a photographer Clemente Jandaya. He needed a makeup artist for a photo shoot for a male. I immediately (without sounding desperate of course lol) said YES!

I said to myself, “makeup on a male? this is easy money, I’ll be in and out in no time”. Clearly, I didn’t get all the details. More on that in a second.
So I get to the photo shoot early. I always like to arrive early so I can set up before the client arrives. A hour passes by and the client is not there yet! ….and then men talk about women!
Finally, the client arrives (1 hour late) and to my surprise, it wasn’t 1 model — it was 3.
WOW! Ok no problem!
So we get to talking (the client and I) and I find out that he’s an artist who used to be in a group called Los Galactikos, a merengue group from the Dominican Republic. He was breaking out to do a solo album. Being of Dominican descent, I quickly fell in love with the single when I heard it!
The other two models I was working on that day were the Producer, Lenny 357 and the CEO of Royalty Musik, Luis.

This was, by far, the most fun I’ve had at a photo shoot in a long time.
The photographer was amazing! The artist Yobany (the one with the solo album) is super talented as are Lenny and Luis.
And as if that isn’t enough, I was told recently that I get to work with them again! I’m super excited that I get the opportunity to be the official makeup artist for their video!
Enjoy the pictures….and check out the single, soon-to-be a hit Besushi!
Until next time Beauty Addicts!!

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Who Runs the World?! I Do! (at least, in the makeup world! *wink*)

I saw Beyonce’s Run The World (Girls) video. I LOVED all the outfits and makeup! I chose to do a tutorial on the makeup look Beyonce had while she was wearing the gold outfit!

LOVE IT! I want those shoes!! LOL!

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What I Used


I started with my NYX eyeshadow primer.

For highlight, I used Lancome‘s Positive.
I used Black Eyeliner from Inglot number 77
I used Lancome‘s Constellation.
After that, I applied lashes.
Then, I used Lancome‘s foundation…. Tint Idol Bisque 6.
I applied powder from a palette I got at a show.
I used a bronzing palette that I got from another show.
I applied my blush from the BH Cosmetics palette.
Finally, I used Sparkle eyeshadow on my lips and Lady Gaga‘s lip glass.
That’s all I can remember from the Items I used! I hope this was helpful!
Thanks for watching my videos and for visiting my page!

So what do you think????

CONTEST: FREE Makeup Session & FREE Makeup!

I’m so excited about this contest!!! This is your chance for a FREE 1-hour makeup session done by who else…..ME! AND not only that, the winner will also receives a FREE eyeshadow palette from one of my favorite places!!! Did I mention this was all FREE???

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It’s THAT easy!!!

You can redeem this offer at any time from now til the end of 2011! The next time you have a wedding, shower, birthday or even just to take a ride on the town, you can redeem this 1-hour session and do it UP! You know you want to…..and if you don’t, you can always give this as a gift to someone for a birthday or anniversary gift (You heard that men!? You can participate too and get your wife a FREE makeup session! Brownie points!!! *wink wink*)

I can’t WAIT to see who wins!!!!

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